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A Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Right Anti-Ligature Noticeboard

In facilities where safety and security are paramount, such as hospitals, mental health institutions, and correctional facilities, selecting the appropriate anti-ligature noticeboard is crucial. These specialized noticeboards are designed to minimize the risk of self-harm or injury by eliminating ligature points and potential hazards.

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However, with various options available on the market, navigating the selection process can be overwhelming. From understanding the key features to evaluating durability and installation requirements, this article covers everything you need to know to make an informed decision.


Always choose an anti ligature noticeboard that will last longer. Ensure you check the materials can handle constant use and abuse. A noticeboard in a high-traffic area faces a lot. From bumps and scratches to more deliberate attempts to damage. 

When buying an anti-ligature noticeboard for high-traffic areas ensure it has high build quality. Choose the option with high-security locks to prevent someone from tampering with it.

Moreover, consider the environment it will be in. For indoor settings, you might prioritize scratch resistance. For outdoor use, weatherproof features are a must. 


As a medical institution, always consider adding additional layers of protection as the residents or patients may be vulnerable. Anti-ligature notice boards reduce self-harm and lower the possibility of injuries hence improving resident room safety.

Ensure the noticeboards you choose are designed as a single unit to prevent anyone from hiding illegal items. Additionally, consider tight installation to prevent movement of the notice board, and use pickproof sealants and rounded edges to ensure it’s safe.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Besides durability and safety features, choose a noticeboard that is easy to clean and maintain. Most facilities frequently utilize the anti-ligature board for heavy use. So, you should ensure the board is well-kept and maintained to remain hygienic and presentable. Look for materials that can withstand regular cleaning without deteriorating.

Additionally, choose a board that is easy to maintain. Ensure replacing parts is straightforward to ensure the noticeboard stays functional and safe for everyone.

Sanitizing and maintaining hygiene noticeboards in high-traffic institutions prevents the spread and transmission of diseases.


Consider the number of times you’ll need to change the location of the anti-ligature noticeboard. Always choose a lightweight board that is easy to carry if you’ll move quite often.

Also, choose a noticeboard that you can quickly mount and dismount without hassle to save time and effort. Always consider this feature if your environment requires adaptability and flexibility. 

Additionally, choose a compact noticeboard that is easier to transport. Ensure the model has robust materials that can withstand frequent moves.

Colors and Style

The colors of the noticeboard you chose should align with the aesthetics of the environment while ensuring safety and functionality. Soft colors create a calming effect in spaces like schools and hospitals.

Moreover, ensure the style of your noticeboard doesn’t compromise its anti-ligature features. Sleek designs that blend with decor are secure and prevent tampering.

Ensure the noticeboard you choose enhances your space visually. Opt for the noticeboards that serve their purpose and add to the room’s overall ambiance.

Bottom Line

Noticeboards with anti-ligature properties prevent anyone from attaching something that might be harmful to others. These boards create secure solutions for mental health facilities.

Opt for an anti ligature noticeboard design that blends seamlessly with your space, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards without compromising on aesthetics or utility. Consider durability, ease of maintenance, and the ability to securely display notices. 

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