Home Tech Balle, Kredily! Funding secured, innovation ki jai!

Balle, Kredily! Funding secured, innovation ki jai!

Balle, Kredily! Funding secured, innovation ki jai!

Listen up, folks! Kredily, the rockstar HR and payroll software from PeopleProsper Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has just hit a sixer! Not only did they win the CHUNAUTI 5.0 competition under the government’s fancy NGIS (Next Generation Incubation Scheme) scheme, but they also walked away with a cool ₹25 lakh seed funding. This is a big deal, friends, and it proves that Kredily is a true champion of innovation in the HR tech scene.

Kredily’s been making waves with its easy-to-use and super-powerful HR software suite. It’s like having your own HR assistant who can handle everything from payroll to attendance to pesky paperwork, all with a smile. This means businesses can focus on what they do best, while Kredily takes care of the rest.

Here’s the chaat masala on what Kredily can do for you:

  • Payroll ki tension? Not anymore! Kredily automates calculations, keeps you squeaky clean with the law, and frees up your time for more strategic thinking.
  • Employees feeling lost? Kredily’s self-service portal is like a one-stop shop for everything HR-related. Leave requests, document submissions, you name it – it’s all there.
  • Attendance tracking got you stressed? Chill, yaar. Kredily’s got advanced tracking features that give you real-time insights into your workforce, so you can see who’s putting in the hours and who’s slacking off (we all have those days, right?).
  • Compliance ka jhanjhat? No sweat! Kredily stays on top of all the latest labour laws and regulations, so you don’t have to. Focus on running your business, leave the legal stuff to Kredily.
  • Data security got you worried? Relax, hai na! Kredily uses top-notch encryption and secure storage practices to keep your sensitive HR information safe and sound.

This NGIS recognition and funding is like rocket fuel for Kredily. It’s going to help them develop even more awesome HR software solutions, so businesses can stay ahead of the curve and be the best they can be.

So, if you’re tired of HR being a pain in the, well, you know, then Kredily is the answer. It’s time to join the Kredily revolution and make HR something you can finally love!

About Kredily:

Operating under the banner of PeopleProsper Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Kredily is a trailblazer in HR and Payroll software solutions. With a keen focus on emerging technologies, Kredily empowers businesses to streamline HR processes and navigate the complexities of workforce management with unparalleled effectiveness.


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