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Exploring Some Remarkable Places in Sri Lanka and Philippines

The tourism industry is continuously expanding as several reports unveil that the number of people traveling in the first quarter of 2023 is twice that of the same period in 2022. Normally, people plan their trips at the end of the year, so international tourism in 2023 will boom further.

Most tourists pay visits to places that become the biggest travel trends over social media platforms. Several destinations are less famous on social media platforms. But, they are much more beautiful than many famous spots. 

A country promoting tourism and welcoming foreign ambassadors faces several challenges to interact with them and establish a strong relationship. Having proven translation strategies in place, they can bridge the communication gap and promote their tourist places across the world.

For example, Filipino translation services propose highly effective strategies to translate social media content, website content, and several booking platforms so tourists can explore more destinations and schedule their trips to the Philippines. 

Arugam Bay

Having a much wider coastline of 1600 km, Sri Lanka has captivating spots for windsurfing, speed boating, and other thrilling water activities. From the bright azure sky to inclined coconut trees, Arugam Bay is a thrilling adventure that is accessible to beginner surfers as well. It is an ideal spot to experience surf rides while allowing the sun to tan your skin. You will be welcomed with coconut water and an alluring scent of jasmine. 

After having a quick sneak peek at just one destination in Sri Lanka, you will be planning your visit and considering learning another language for effective communication. You are not alone as many other tourists also aim to overcome barriers.

However, it will be challenging to learn each language for frequent travelers. Surprisingly, tourism companies and local tourist promoters are translating their marketing material, tour guides, and other related content that will help you throughout your visit. Travel companies have boosted their online bookings with Sinhala translation. By translating their websites, they can capture tourists as they also guide them to interact with locals. 

Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa

Apart from being one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is a World Heritage Site that is also known as a mount of remembrance among international travelers. This place is a combination of mammoth pieces of rock, making it the tallest destination in its vicinity.

Tourists can immerse themselves in an adventure to climb the small rocks and then reach the bigger ones. Sigiriya has captured the interest of professional climbers and courageous travelers who love to explore new adventures and compete. 

Although Polonnaruwa is less famous among international travelers, it is still a gem for Sri Lankan tourist attractions. For new travelers, this place is the best destination as you will not be crowded with a lot of other travelers. Also, you can spend time riding a mountain bike or walking around the ruins. 

Similarly, Sri Lankan travel companies have extended access to travelers, all thanks to Sinhala translation services. You can explore destinations, watch testimonial videos, and make bookings in your native language as the travel companies have translated all the stuff for you. 

Tourism is a Driving Force for the Sri Lankan Economy

As Sri Lanka is suffering from a critical economic crisis, tourism is one of the industries that is allowing them to survive the situation and hope for better days. Recently, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board hosted Asia Cup 2023, an ODI-format tournament being played among Asian countries only.

To support their favorite team and explore the beauty of Sri Lanka, thousands of people from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh visited Sri Lanka. Among the visitors, content creators and vloggers created videos in Sri Lanka that automatically brought beautiful places to the limelight.

This tournament also helped the country establish a strong reputation. Moreover, Sri Lanka can host many other international events and attract more people with the help of Sinhala translation


In addition to Sri Lanka, the Philippines is yet another country that is taking significant measures to promote tourism. This ultimately helps them boost their revenue and attract international brands as well. The Philippines has several places for adventurous explorers; however, Manila is among the most historic cities apart from being the capital.

It is also known as the “Pearl of the Orient” and this phrase is enough to describe its beautiful landscapes. The city also has historic museums, parks, theaters, and a plethora of restaurants to excite international visitors. 

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have seen videos of famous street food and cuisine in Manila. 

Panglao Island

The Philippines has thousands of islands and travelers can relax and spend time on calming beaches. Panglao Island is a famous beach destination that, although less famous, goes above and beyond the Philippines’ most notable beach destination, Boracay.

The hotels and food spots on this island offer 5-star amenities and services, delivering a luxurious experience. Moreover, you will get access to several beaches via the Panglao-Bohol International Airport. 

These two places are just to give you a sneak peek at the natural beauty of this landscape. Many other popular spots will never disappoint you. Filipino translation services play a critical role in attracting international tourists. However, there are still concerns about making these destinations accessible to the world. By employing these professional translation services, the Philippines can also promote less famous places. 

Wrapping It Up

Considering the popularity of these stunning places, the hype for international tourism isn’t going to end anytime soon. To take charge and expand your tourism business, it is necessary to translate your services for an international audience.  

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