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How To Stop Weed Smelling In A Bag? Easy Hacks To Learn.

While indulging in your preferred cannabis strain might be a pleasurable experience, the lingering odor may be a dead giveaway. Knowing how to keep cannabis from giving off a stench in your backpack is crucial whether you’re keeping it for later use or carrying it about covertly. In this article, we’ll discuss how to stop weed smelling in a bag. Moreover, several simple and efficient methods for minimizing the cannabis smell.

Always Store Perishables In Containers With Tight Lids.

Using airtight containers is a simple and efficient method for controlling marijuana odors. Good options include mason jars, plastic containers with secure closures, and Weed Mylar Bags. The airtight seal created by these containers prevents odors from escaping. If you want to keep as little air between your treasure and the lid as possible, use a container that’s just the correct size.


Double-bagging is another fast and cheap way to contain the cannabis smell. Put the weed in a plastic bag with a zip-top, remove as much air as you can, and then close the bag. The next step is to place this bag inside another one, and so on. The double layer of plastic will keep the smell contained.

Pack Smell-Free Bags

Get custom mylar bags made to mask cannabis odors if you’re concerned about safety or convenience. These bags often have activated carbon inside, many layers, and airtight closures to prevent odors as much as possible. Whether you’re looking to conceal a little personal stash or a bigger quantity, you’ll find a variety of sizes and designs to choose from.

Put In A Vacuum Bags

Vacuum-sealing your cannabis creates a hermetic barrier that is nearly impermeable to smells. When air is sucked out of a bag using a vacuum sealer, a vacuum is created that effectively seals in smells. Reusable exotic weed bags and home vacuum-sealing devices are both options. Be careful not to pulverize your weed in the vacuum sealer.

Use Physical Barriers With Scents

Use scented barriers inside your bags to further conceal the cannabis odor. Put a fragrant sachet inside the container or vacuum-sealed mylar bags. Also, you can dab some essential oil on a cotton ball and put it inside. 

In addition to covering up the cannabis odor, this will assist in generating a more pleasant scent. For a more balanced high, select fragrances that work well with the terpenes already present in your cannabis.

Include Herb Storage Jars

There are herb containers that are made specifically to prevent cannabis from going bad and to conceal any lingering odors. These smell proof weed bags often include an inert gasket or seal that prevents air leakage during storage. They are helpful if you want to keep your cannabis odor-free and fresh for as long as possible.

Aluminum Foil And Plastic Bags With Seals

Combine a sealable plastic bag with aluminum foil for a low-cost alternative. Start by securely wrapping the cannabis in a tiny piece of aluminum foil. Then, after pressing out any extra air, enclose the foil-wrapped cannabis in a plastic bag. The aluminum foil creates an additional seal, which helps to keep smells at bay.

Place In A Bag That Blocks Odors

To prevent the odor from spreading, a special scent-proof bag may be used to transport your cannabis. These bags are created to be unnoticeable if you do not know how to stop weed smelling in a bag. Therefore they frequently take the form of commonplace items like handbags, backpacks, or gym bags. Layers of odor-absorbing fabrics and impermeable zippers work together to keep smells locked within.

Always Keep It New

Make sure your cannabis is properly cured and kept to avoid any unpleasant odors. Cannabis that has been left to dry out can readily crumble, releasing more of its fragrant vapors. Humidity packs will help keep your weed at the perfect humidity level and freshness if you store it in a sealed container.


With these simple tricks, you know how to stop weed smelling in a bag. Also, you can prevent your belongings from taking on a pungent cannabis odor. There are several options for hiding the aroma of cannabis during transport and storage, including airtight containers, odor-proof bags, and DIY methods like double-bagging and scented barriers. Keep in mind that considerate stowing away protects your privacy and shows consideration for your neighbors’ feelings.

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