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Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

In the narrative of this novel, a youthful despot named Persilion finds himself captivated by the character Lippi. However, his infatuation proves insufficient to deter him from embarking on a transformation into the realm of maturity, catalyzed by the formidable influence of Sikar.

As the revelation unfolds, exposing Persilion’s transition into a burgeoning antagonist, it becomes imperative for us to ready ourselves for the impending conflict. We must shoulder our share of responsibilities and make necessary preparations for the inevitable resurgence of the Tyrant.

The Story of Lippy and Persilion 

Let’s delve into the captivating tale of Persilion, a prominent figure in the imperial lineage often dubbed “that child.” He is the youngest among three siblings, each ascending to the esteemed position of Emperor. In his youth, he was the sole survivor of his family’s lineage, a testament to his mother, Belia’s, enduring love and protection.

As the narrative unfolds, Persilion’s journey into young adulthood unveils his latent magical abilities, a fundamental facet of his extraordinary powers. These newfound capabilities enable him to wield his unique gifts to aid Princess Sheril’s miraculous healing, who had suffered grievous wounds in a fierce battle.

Lippi, another significant character, embarks on a parallel life journey intertwined with the main storyline. Once an unassuming, endearing girl with an unorthodox appearance, she ultimately emerges as a prophetic figure. Her destiny becomes enigmatic when she becomes enigmatically entangled with the contents of a novel from her past, gaining widespread recognition and financial success by reciting its captivating narratives.

Tragically, Lippi’s life is cut short in a devastating accident, leading her soul to traverse realms beyond the empire’s reach. Stranded in an unstable, ethereal realm reminiscent of a dybbuk’s dominion, she ultimately finds her way back to the realm of the Emperor, where her divine powers awaken.

Lippi’s and Persilion’s stories, though running in parallel with the main narrative, do not directly impact its course. The possibility arises that Lippi may be linked to an Ardal figure from a century ago, potentially as the daughter of Emperor Elaine von Sped or an unfulfilled prophecy.

Amidst the main storyline, we are introduced to Lippi, a divine being cursed for millennia, striving to adapt to her new life alongside Persilion. However, her enchantment remains unbroken, rendering her in a perpetual state of childhood despite her imperial lineage. Yet, this unique condition does not preclude her from potentially inheriting the throne from her father, the Emperor.

Persilion’s Love for Lippi Turned Adult Through Sikar’s Power

“Lippi and Persilion” presents a parallel narrative within “The Dragons’ Teeth” world, tied through the imperial bloodline and a unique curse. Lippi, once an ordinary girl, becomes a famous prophet, her newfound powers uncovered after a near-fatal incident. Seeking help from the mystical Sikar, she breaks the curse and revives Ardal, a child from the past. Corruption ensues, revealing Prince Perry as the Emperor. With Lippi’s divine intervention, Prince Perry transforms back into an adult.

Simultaneously, Persilion, the son of a tyrant and a relative of Princess Sheril, grapples with love for Lippi and the curse on his power. Rediscovering his magic on his birthday, he embarks on a journey to reclaim his throne. Difke, the Emperor’s daughter, becomes a witch haunted by guilt after her parents’ demise. Her mother, Archduke Diphke von Dideus, holds significant power.

Though their stories parallel the main plot, they add depth and insights to the series, offering a unique perspective on the universe.

Military School for A Tyrant

A military school is a dedicated institution that moulds young individuals into responsible, ethical citizens. It places a strong emphasis on a comprehensive education encompassing academics, moral and ethical development, and fostering sportsmanship. Unlike traditional boarding schools, military schools are selective, seeking students open to structured environments.

These institutions offer a well-rounded curriculum with rigorous academics, physical fitness, leadership development, and sportsmanship. Their athletic programs are renowned, spanning various sports from golf to motocross. Some military schools also excel in preparing students for college and the army service.

The journey from Tyrant’s early days at military school to his present maturity and readiness to confront challenges, such as facing the Legion’s leader, Sikar, showcases his personal growth and development as a future leader in the armed forces.

In attending a military school, individuals gain invaluable insights into leadership, self-discipline, teamwork, and other essential skills, providing them with the tools to become the best versions of themselves.

Tyrant’s Ability to Extract Techniques and Strategies 

Tatsumi possesses a remarkable repertoire of abilities that set him apart as an extraordinary individual. His expertise in extracting techniques and strategies from his peers showcases his exceptional intelligence, particularly in crafting various original implements. Despite his lack of humility, he fearlessly deploys his powers against adversaries, capable of shattering boulders with a single punch and staggering formidable opponents like Shikoutazer with just two hits. Tatsumi’s resilience extends to withstanding high-pressure environments, extreme temperatures, and even underwater breathing.

His capacity to conjure the Celestial Tyrant Forces is a testament to his impressive power. This temporary amplification stage grants him abilities akin to the Tyrannical Dragon, a testament to the extensive modifications to his body, enabling survival in extreme conditions. Despite his imposing size, Tatsumi is an adept swimmer.

In addition to his robust physical attributes, Tatsumi boasts a regenerative healing factor, surpassing human recovery rates. His ability to manipulate breath power, unbeknownst to his classmate Esdeath, further exemplifies his prowess.

Tatsumi’s unique skill includes disguising his giant eye with a human-green regard characterized by a distinctive cross-shaped pattern. This eye can peer through solid objects, offering an unusual and novel perspective on the world.

Among Tatsumi’s lesser-known talents, his teleportation ability ranks highly, although it comes with minor drawbacks, including power drain. The precise summoning of this power remains uncertain, but its potential is a remarkable feat deserving of recognition.

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