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Tanzohub: Complete Overview

Tanzohub, an esteemed online education platform, offers an extensive array of courses and resources catering to learners worldwide. Whether one seeks to acquire a new skill, progress in their career, or indulge in a hobby, Tanzohub has a course tailored for every individual. Boasting a library exceeding 50,000 video lessons and interactive coding exercises, all instructed by industry experts, Tanzohub ensures an immersive learning experience accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

The platform’s ever-growing catalog spans diverse topics, ranging from programming and data science to creative pursuits such as photography, music, and design. Tanzohub’s courses cater to all levels, featuring free introductory videos and comprehensive paid programs that grant certificates of completion. With its commitment to high-quality content and an intuitive user interface, Tanzohub facilitates seamless learning at any time and from any location. Whether one aims to acquire an in-demand skill or broaden their knowledge in a specific area of interest, Tanzohub stands as a premier destination for online education.

What Is Tanzohub?

Tanzohub stands out as a project management software tailored specifically for creative teams and agencies. Offering a suite of tools encompassing task management, time tracking, billing, and reporting, Tanzohub facilitates the organization of projects, fosters team collaboration, and ensures timely compensation for the work undertaken.

Within Tanzohub, users can effortlessly create projects and assign tasks to designated team members. Essential details such as due dates, priorities, and task statuses can be configured, maintaining alignment across the team regarding project milestones and deadlines. Collaborative features, including task comments, file uploads, reminders, and time tracking, contribute to efficient workflow management, guaranteeing that deadlines are met and client billing is accurate.

The integrated time tracking tool meticulously records the hours dedicated to each task and project, generating comprehensive billing reports that encompass both time and expenses. These reports offer valuable insights into project budgets, costs, revenues, and profits, providing a holistic view of the financial well-being of the business.

Tanzohub further enhances its functionality by seamlessly integrating with popular business tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and QuickBooks. For instance, the Slack integration enables users to create and comment on tasks directly within the Slack platform, eliminating the need for constant platform switching.

Embracing customization, Tanzohub incorporates features like milestones, Gantt charts, and project templates, offering a versatile yet user-friendly solution for creative project management. Accessible as a web application or mobile app on iOS and Android, Tanzohub empowers users and their teams to stay organized and on top of tasks, regardless of their work location.

The Vision Behind Tanzohub

Tanzohub was founded with the vision of providing a centralized platform for Tanzanian entrepreneurs and small businesses to connect with customers.

The Need for Tanzohub

Small businesses constitute the backbone of Tanzania’s economy, comprising over 95% of all enterprises in the country. Nevertheless, many grapple with constrained access to resources and challenges in expanding their customer base. Tanzohub endeavors to confront these issues by presenting a comprehensive solution tailored for Tanzanian SMEs.

Within Tanzohub, business owners can effortlessly establish an online profile to enhance their company’s visibility and engage with a broader audience. Key features encompass:

1. Company Profiles: Businesses can create profiles to spotlight their products/services, share visuals, post updates, and promote exclusive offers. This facilitates customer discovery and connection with businesses of interest.

2. eCommerce Platform: Sellers gain access to an online storefront to list items for sale, process payments, and dispatch products directly to buyers. This empowers them to reach customers across Tanzania, expanding their market reach.

3. Resource Center: Tanzohub serves as a knowledge hub, offering educational resources and best practices to assist entrepreneurs in honing their skills and expanding their businesses. Topics span online marketing, accounting, hiring, and more.

4. Affordable Services: In contrast to platforms with high fees, Tanzohub prioritizes accessibility, providing most features either free of charge or at very reasonable rates. The overarching goal is to empower a wide spectrum of SMEs.

Tanzohub envisions that by harnessing technology and fostering community support, they can generate economic opportunities and foster the prosperity of small businesses across Tanzania. Their platform streamlines the process for entrepreneurs to build their brands, access new markets, and contribute to the advancement of Tanzania’s digital economy.

Key Features of the Tanzohub Platform

The Tanzohub platform offers several useful features for subscribers.

Comprehensive Library

Tanzohub offers a comprehensive library featuring over 5,000 titles, including books, audiobooks, podcasts, video tutorials, and various resources covering a diverse array of subjects such as marketing, finance, technology, and self-improvement. The library is consistently updated with new content to ensure relevancy. Users can explore content by category or conduct specific searches based on their areas of interest.

Offline Mode

Utilizing the Tanzohub mobile app, users have the capability to download chosen books, audiobooks, podcasts, and videos, enabling offline access. This feature facilitates uninterrupted learning on the move, especially in areas with no internet connectivity. The downloaded content seamlessly synchronizes across all devices, ensuring a seamless transition and allowing users to resume their learning from where they left off.


Leveraging machine learning, the Tanzohub platform delivers tailored recommendations by analyzing your viewing and listening history. This intelligent system suggests pertinent books, courses, videos, podcasts, and other resources, aiming to introduce you to new content aligned with your interests and requirements. Additionally, users can choose to follow influencers and experts, receiving personalized recommendations based on their engagement with content.

Progress Tracking

While engaging with content on Tanzohub, your progress is automatically monitored as you read, watch, and listen. This feature provides a quick overview of your completion status for books or videos, allowing for easy resumption from where you left off. Users can establish goals, such as reading a specific number of books or achieving a set number of learning hours each month, fostering accountability in their learning journey.


Beyond its extensive resource collection, Tanzohub provides a vibrant community of individuals sharing common interests. Within this community, you can participate in discussions, seek answers to questions, share insights, exchange book recommendations, and establish meaningful connections. This communal dimension enhances your learning experience, fostering engagement with fresh ideas.

Offering a rich content library, coupled with practical features like offline access and progress tracking, Tanzohub stands as a comprehensive platform for continuous learning and self-improvement. The key lies in fully leveraging all its offerings to maximize the benefits of your subscription.

How Tanzohub Works

Tanzohub functions as an online platform linking professional dancers and dance studios with individuals seeking to hire talent for various occasions such as events, productions, or private lessons. Here’s an overview of how the service operates:

Creating a Profile

Commencing their Tanzohub journey, dancers and dance studios initiate by crafting a comprehensive profile. This profile serves as a showcase, spotlighting their skills, experience, availability, and rates. Within these profiles, talent can feature photos and videos of their work, display reviews from past clients, outline preferred travel locations, specify dance genres and styles of expertise, and establish rates for various types of bookings.

Booking Talent

Individuals seeking to hire dancers or instructors can navigate Tanzohub’s profiles, employing filters for location, dance style, availability, and budget to refine their search. Upon finding suitable talent, clients can initiate a booking request via the platform. This request includes specific details about the required event or service, encompassing dates, times, venue address, and compensation. The chosen talent then has the option to either accept or decline the booking request.

Handling Payments and Contracts

Upon acceptance of a booking request, Tanzohub initiates a contractual agreement between the talent and the client, delineating the specifics of the arrangement. Clients are obligated to submit full payment upon contract signing. Tanzohub securely holds the payment in escrow until the completion of the event or service term, ensuring both parties fulfill their commitments. 

In the absence of reported issues, Tanzohub releases the payment to the talent. However, if any complications arise during the booking, Tanzohub collaborates with both parties to address and resolve the situation before releasing the payment.

Providing Feedback

Following the conclusion of a booking, Tanzohub seeks feedback from both clients and talent to cultivate reputations and offer insights for future connections. Clients have the opportunity to leave reviews on talent profiles, detailing their experiences, while talent can provide feedback on client professionalism. 

This input contributes to the creation of a comprehensive rating system for Tanzohub members. Members with high ratings, both talent and clients, receive preferential treatment in search results and booking requests.

Tanzohub’s objective is to establish a reliable network of professional dancers and instructors, streamlining the process for clients to discover and engage talent for their dance requirements. By managing contracts, payments, and feedback, Tanzohub ensures a sense of assurance and security for both sides involved in the booking process.

The Benefits of Using Tanzohub

Tanzohub offers several benefits for businesses looking to streamline their human resources and payroll processes.

Cost Savings

Employing Tanzohub can lead to a substantial reduction in HR and payroll expenses. The software automates numerous manual processes, including onboarding new hires, monitoring employee information, and overseeing timesheets and payroll. 

This automation diminishes the time dedicated by HR staff to routine tasks, allowing them to redirect their efforts towards more strategic initiatives. Tanzohub’s cloud-based system additionally obviates the necessity to invest in and manage costly on-premise hardware and software.

Increased Productivity

Tanzohub simplifies the process of handling HR-related tasks for both employees and managers. With an intuitive interface, employees can effortlessly complete and submit various forms, such as time-off requests, while also managing personal information updates and accessing pay stubs via the self-service portal. 

Meanwhile, managers benefit from a centralized platform where they can promptly review and approve requests, streamlining communication and enhancing productivity within the team.

Improved Data Security

Tanzohub employs state-of-the-art security protocols to safeguard your confidential HR and payroll data. Utilizing advanced encryption techniques, employee information is securely stored in protected data centers with limited access. 

Tanzohub implements stringent user authentication, firewalls, and data encryption measures throughout its system. Additionally, your data is backed up daily and replicated across multiple locations to ensure resilience and mitigate the risk of loss.

Regulatory Compliance

Tanzohub serves as a comprehensive solution to ensure your company’s adherence to employment regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The software offers a range of tools for accurate employee classification, overtime pay calculations, and health insurance coverage tracking. 

Regular updates align the system with changes in both state and federal labor laws, minimizing the risk of expensive fines and legal issues associated with non-compliance. In essence, Tanzohub provides a multitude of advantages, enabling cost reduction, heightened productivity, enhanced security, and seamless management of essential HR and payroll functions within your organization.

Tanzohub Use Cases

Tanzohub is a versatile collaboration tool with many use cases for both personal and business productivity

Project Management

Tanzohub provides comprehensive project management capabilities, enabling effective task organization, delegation, deadline setting, and progress monitoring. Users have the flexibility to create projects, incorporate team members, break down projects into manageable tasks, allocate due dates, and track the time dedicated to each task. 

Collaborative features allow team members to comment on tasks, upload files, and tag other users. The project dashboard offers a centralized view of all ongoing projects, facilitating oversight to ensure smooth and timely execution.

Team Communication

Tanzohub enhances team communication through its versatile features, including chat, video calling, and screen sharing functionalities. Users can establish public or private chat channels tailored to specific teams, projects, or discussion topics. The platform supports voice or video calls with multiple team members simultaneously, promoting swift collaboration. 

Screen sharing is available during calls, facilitating the review of documents, presentations, and other collaborative work. Additionally, all chat messages and call sessions are archived, providing a convenient reference for past discussions when necessary.

File Sharing

Tanzohub simplifies file sharing and access within your team. Easily upload and categorize files into folders based on projects or topics. Exercise control over user permissions by determining who can view, edit, or download each file. The file versioning feature enables you to revert to prior versions when necessary. 

The robust search function in Tanzohub allows for the swift location of files, chats, tasks, and other content. Additionally, users can sync Tanzohub files to their local computers, ensuring access to the latest work even when offline.


Tanzohub seamlessly integrates with various popular business tools such as Gmail, Slack, GitHub, Trello, and more. These integrations facilitate the connection of related tools and the automation of specific workflows. 

For instance, you can configure integrations to automatically generate Trello cards based on new Tanzohub tasks or synchronize GitHub commits with Tanzohub. This interconnectedness enhances productivity by bringing together collaboration and work management tools.

Tanzohub, with its features encompassing project management, team communication, file sharing, and integrations, serves as a catalyst for both individual productivity and collaborative efforts within businesses. The platform strikes a balance between intuitiveness and robust functionality, empowering both individuals and organizations to achieve more collectively.

Getting Started With Tanzohub

Getting started with Tanzohub is straightforward. To begin using this innovative project management platform, simply follow these steps:

Create an Account

Visit Tanzohub.com and initiate the sign-up process by clicking on the “Sign Up” button. Input your email address and create a secure password for your login credentials. Ensure that the password is both secure and memorable. Additionally, furnish basic details such as your name, company, and role during the sign-up process. This information allows Tanzohub to tailor the experience to your preferences.

Explore the Interface

The user-friendly Tanzohub interface is crafted for optimal efficiency and ease of use. Familiarize yourself with the layout, which includes:

1. Dashboard: Your central hub offering an overview of projects, tasks, updates, and notifications. Stay organized and in control from this home screen.

2. Projects: Create, manage, and collaborate on projects with teammates while efficiently tracking progress.

3. Tasks: Assign and schedule individual tasks within each project. Customize with due dates, comments, attachments, and easily mark tasks as complete.

4. Teams: Add colleagues, clients, or contractors and allocate specific access to projects and tasks. This streamlines collaboration and ensures accountability.

5. Reports: Generate real-time reports on project status, budget, timelines, workloads, and more. Utilize data-driven insights to make informed decisions for optimizing productivity.

Integrate with Other Tools

To unlock the full potential of Tanzohub, seamlessly integrate it with your existing software stack, incorporating tools like:

  • Slack for effortless communication and messaging within your teams.
  • Utilize Google Drive or Dropbox to directly attach files and documents to tasks.
  • Leverage time trackers such as Harvest to log hours dedicated to Tanzohub tasks.
  • Integrate accounting software like QuickBooks to synchronize project budgets and expenses.
  • With its intuitive interface, robust features, and smooth integrations, Tanzohub provides a comprehensive solution to enhance project management and team collaboration. Register today to commence your journey towards improved productivity and efficiency.

Tanzohub Integrations and Partners

Tanzohub offers many integrations and partnerships to help businesses leverage its data and insights. Some of the major integrations available include:


Tanzohub seamlessly integrates with Zapier, enabling the connection of Tanzohub with more than 1,000 other business applications. This facilitates the automated triggering of actions in external systems based on events within Tanzohub. For instance, you have the capability to set up a Zap to automatically generate a new contact in your CRM when a new lead is created in Tanzohub.


Webhooks empower you to receive real-time event data from Tanzohub within your own application or service. When events occur in Tanzohub, such as the creation of a new lead or the completion of a task, Tanzohub can send an HTTP request to a URL of your choosing, providing details about the event. Subsequently, you have the capability to process or respond to these events within your own system.

Additionally, Tanzohub seamlessly integrates with Zapier, facilitating the connection of Tanzohub with over 1,000 other business applications. This integration simplifies the automation of actions in external systems based on events occurring in Tanzohub. For instance, you can create a Zap to automatically generate a new contact in your CRM when a new lead is created in Tanzohub.


Tanzohub provides a comprehensive REST API, allowing programmatic access to all data and resources within your Tanzohub account. The Tanzohub API utilizes OAuth for authentication, offering the flexibility to develop custom integrations and applications seamlessly integrated with the Tanzohub platform.

Technology Partners

Tanzohub collaborates with several technology companies, fostering additional value for its customers through various partnerships. These alliances include:

1. Slack – Integration with Slack enables Tanzohub users to receive notifications and engage with Tanzohub data directly within the Slack platform.

2. G Suite – Tanzohub seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, and other G Suite tools, facilitating the synchronization of contacts, events, files, and more between Tanzohub and G Suite.

3. Office 365 – Similar to its integration with G Suite, Tanzohub connects with Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, and other Office 365 services.

4. Numerous other partnerships, encompassing Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, and more.

With a robust array of integrations, partnerships, and APIs, Tanzohub offers diverse avenues to extend functionality and connect data within your Tanzohub account to various business systems and processes. These integrations play a crucial role in breaking down data silos, enhancing efficiency, and establishing a seamless workflow across multiple tools.

Tanzohub FAQs

Tanzohub is an innovative social media platform dedicated to the world of dance, and we understand you may have questions about its functionality and offerings. Here’s a comprehensive guide to address some of the most frequently asked questions about Tanzohub.

What types of dance content can I share on Tanzohub?

You can share a diverse range of dance content on Tanzohub, including short dance videos (up to 3 minutes), dance tutorials, challenges, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with dancers, dance photography, and even blog posts about dance. Tanzohub embraces content from all dance genres such as hip hop, ballet, salsa, Bollywood, and more.

How do I build an audience on Tanzohub?

To build your audience on Tanzohub, consistently post high-quality and engaging dance content. Utilize relevant hashtags to enhance discoverability, engage with fellow dancers through likes and comments, collaborate with others, and promote your Tanzohub profile on other social media platforms. Active participation in the Tanzohub community over time will contribute to the growth of your audience.

How do I make money on Tanzohub?

There are multiple avenues to monetize your Tanzohub profile:

1. Tanzohub’s partnership program: Once you surpass 5,000 followers, you can apply to Tanzohub’s partnership program and earn a share of revenue from ads displayed on your profile.

2. Sponsored posts: Dance brands may sponsor your content to reach your followers, allowing you to negotiate rates for sponsored posts.

3. Dance tutorials: Charge users a fee to access your exclusive dance tutorials by enabling paywalls for select content on Tanzohub.

4. Branded merchandise: If you have a dedicated following, you can sell your branded merchandise and promote it directly to your Tanzohub followers.

Does Tanzohub have an app?

Yes, Tanzohub offers iOS and Android mobile apps, ensuring you stay connected with the dance community no matter where you are. The Tanzohub app allows you to upload and watch short dance videos, live stream dance content, share photos from dance events, engage with other dancers through likes and comments, and receive notifications for new content from dancers you follow, among other features.


In conclusion, Tanzohub offers a comprehensive overview and a one-stop solution for efficiently managing your dance studio business. From class scheduling and student registrations to program marketing and payment handling, Tanzohub is designed to simplify and streamline all administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on teaching. Despite the extensive range of features, the platform’s intuitive interface and supportive resources ensure a quick and smooth implementation. 

If you’re seeking an accessible and effective way to modernize your dance studio, Tanzohub deserves a top spot on your list. Begin your transformative journey by signing up for a free trial today and witness how Tanzohub can revolutionize your business. Embrace the future of dance education – don’t be left behind.

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